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Serve Variable Coupons and Offers with Response Catalogs

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VDP Web is a powerful tool for generating opt-ins and serving variable content based on a user’s input. Create engaging sales campaigns by dynamically providing content based on survey responses. Provide consumers a highly personalized experience by delivering information based on their stated preferences and then have that information available on a customer-by-customer basis for future marketing efforts.

Web Coupon Delivery Software
Web Coupon Delivery Software Sample

VDP Web Response Catalog

Based on a collection of images, respondents to a survey can be provided a variable collection of offers. In this example, coupons are displayed after the prospect enters which products and services they are interested in. Display as many offers as required without complex programming or constricted workflows. As with all VDP Web visits and surveys, sales and fulfillment can receive real-time sales alerts with visitor specific information. Coupons are not the only content that can be served in this way. Any variable image, text, or video can be displayed to respondents or even any combination. Applications include real estate, automotive, distribution and others.

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