Embed video into any landing page

Landing Page Video

With VDP Web, you can easily incorporate various video presentations into any landing page. Feature movies, presentations, video spokesperson, or other content on landing pages.

Mobile Video

Use QR Codes or links in SMS Text to drive respondents to online video presented in a VDP Web landing page to maintain a single location for data collection. Have one platform to handle multiple channels.

Video Hosting

Small files can be hosted in the application. Videos can also be embedded from virtually any hosting source such as YouTube, Screencast or Vimeo or any commercial free or paid service.

Video and Player

There are 2 elements, the video and the player. The video is the content we watch, while the player is a skin that surrounds the video and allows you to push play, pause, etc. When hosting files on external sites (such as Screencast or YouTube) the host will often provide what is called an "embed code" that contains the link to the video and a player as well. Be sure to test how well the player works on all browsers as well as on mobile devices if that is a consideration.


A WMV file is intended to be viewed by Windows Media Player, a software installed on your hard drive which not everyone will have. This is not the best file compression for playing directly in a web browser, and is better for download to watch on a computer – it is not ideal for web sites. This is why .swf, the Flash compression, is typically used for video as it is the most widely supported and easy to use format, though it should be noted that .swf is not supported on the few mobile devices that prefer MP4.

File Size

The average web page "weighs" about 150kb. There are 1,000 kb in 1 mb. If a file is 49mb that equates to 49,000kb which is quite large. The system limit for video is on VDP Web is 500k and must be in .swf format. Videos of any size can be shown on a landing page, but the larger files will need to be hosted and streamed by a server that is configured specifically for video to assure optimal playback.

VDP Web Video Support

The experts at VDP web can help manage your video project. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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