Social Media Marketing

Using Landing Pages to Generate Leads from Social Media & Pay-per-Click

Turning Traffic into Leads

Content Includes allow each social media channel or even each link to point to unique information that can be independently tracked to measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns.

Marketing Data Collection

Experience more customer engagement and the ability to spontaneously run promotional campaigns without having to contact IT. Potential customers can find direct links to additional information, opt-in to direct marketing, or even purchase products or services directly from social media and other web content that becomes viral.

Social Media Landing Page from Twitter

Marketers engaging in social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google +1 and Twitter can turn traffic into warm leads or even direct sales by placing content on trackable VDP Web landing pages with post specific content. Create a positive return on investment from social media marketing by providing a data collection mechanism that makes responding to the call to action easy for the customer. Connect social networks with landing pages, surveys, opt-in forms, email, and event marketing to generate warm leads.

Opt-in forms, surveys and content that is specific to the channel let marketers get more out of the efforts already being made by starting a two-way, one-to-one conversation and allowing your customers to share content with their networks.

Social Media Intelligence

Social Media and Blogs

VDP Web stays ahead of the latest trends in social media marketing. The marketing experts at JFM Concepts incorporate the latest tools and tactics into the VDP Web cross media marketing system to make sure that whatever the next big thing is, your campaigns are ready to take advantage of the new tool. From detailed tracking across platforms and channels to powerful API access, VDP Web cross media landing pages and reporting are ready to adapt to the very changing social media world.

Advanced Social Media Strategy

Social Media is essential to growing any business. VDP Web helps increase the social media presence to cast the widest net possible for data capture and lead acquisition.

Social Media Reporting & Metrics

Use the VDP Web reporting and analytics dashboard to track the viral growth of your social media marketing campaigns. Review Facebook "likes", Twitter "tweets", Google "+1s", and LinkedIn "shares" in the same location as the entire range of landing page and email stats for your campaigns.

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