Shared vs. Dedicated Short Codes

Choosing the best type of code for your project

VDP Web supports dedicated short codes as part of its integrated functionality. For customers that wish to "dip their toes into the water," they may select any third-party shared short code provider with a suitable reporting API and the experts at JFM Concepts can create integrated reporting. VDP Web does not support shared short codes in order to protect our customers from the potential (and not uncommon) risk that the short code will be blocked because of one user's activities. This throws cross media campaigns into limbo as printed materials and web content must be replaced or taken down by all other users of the blocked code.

Vanity vs. Assigned

Short codes can be selected from the available pool (based on availability) or assigned randomly by the CSCA.

Short Code Cost

In the United States, CSCs can be leased as either a "Random" or "Selected" (Vanity) code. Registering and leasing a code from the CSCA is $1,000 per month for each "Selected" code and $500 per month for each "Random" code. There are also additional charges paid for each message that varies by cellular provider. An aggregator, a firm that coordinates the contractual requirements with each cell phone company, can speed up the deployment process. The experts at VDP Web can guide you through all the requirements to effectively set up your campaign.

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