Integrated SMS-Text

Enterprise level mobile marketing communications.

Why Use SMS-Text?

Receive text messages from customers and prospects and send texts back in real-time in order to:

  • Make special announcements
  • Deliver mobile coupons and specials
  • Announce schedule changes
  • Send event and appointment alerts and reminders
  • Make VIP and loyalty club alerts and offers
  • Send support notifications
  • Conduct mobile voting or polls
  • Enable direct response to outdoor or public address advertising

SMS Text can be integrated into all web, broadcast, print, and public announcements by offering visitors the chance to sign up to receive SMS-Text alerts and other marketing communications.


At any sporting event or concert, most attendees have their cellular or smart phone with them. Advertisers, who have already paid for exposure, can leverage their signage or public address announcement to ask visitors to "text to win" a signed item from the VIP of the game or the performer. Opt–in rates can be upwards of 75% – what fan wouldn't want the signed jersey of the game MVP or the cowl of the winning race car? These phone numbers can then be appended for consumer and business data and targeted with direct marketing communications based on the event.

The follow-on communications can have response rates of 500% to 600% over control because this is not the first touch to the prospect and the touch is event based. SMS can turn a branding expenditure into direct response and dramatically improve ROI.

Reporting & Analytics

SMS-Text results appear alongside other metrics in the VDP Web Dashboard. Data includes:

  • Cell phone number
  • Message sent
  • Response
  • Key word information

SMS-Text Information

Common Short Code Administration

The Common Short Code Administration (CSCA) is the quasi-governmental agency that regulates the distribution and use of short codes. Information on the CSCA can be found at:

Short Codes

Short codes make SMS-Text campaigns possible. Even with an outbound-only campaign, a short code is required to allow for opt-outs and regulatory requirements. Common Short Codes (CSCs) are assigned numbers that text messages can be sent to from a mobile phone. Prospects send text messages to short codes to access your text mobile content which may include a link to a landing page. Common short codes can be selected that are easy to remember and they are compatible across most cellular carriers. CSCs are either five-digit or six-digit numbers.

Learn About SMS-Text Shared vs. Short Codes

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