Cross Media & PURL Alerts

Real-time Notification and Tracking

Information As it Happens

VDP Web sales alerts provide instant notifications to marketing, sales, and fulfillment that a visitor has visited their personalized URL or that a survey has been submitted.

  • Provide real time sales alerts to sales or call centers
  • Generate immediate fulfillment requests for promotional items
  • Instantly send out sales collaterals and other materials

Immediate Follow Up

VDP web sales and opt-in alerts make it possible to send immediate notification to multiple recipients. Provide marketing, sales, and the fulfillment house instant alerts and provide fast follow up to sales inquiries from a call center or sales representative or provide the warehouse an easy way to fulfill promotional item and collaterals requests without manual intervention or adding additional systems or processes.

Instant Fulfillment

Provide web visitors instant access to content while still providing your team information on the prospect’s interests. Deliver orders to any fulfillment center by email without manual intervention to seamlessly provide immediate customer service or order placement for sales collaterals, promotional items or merchandise.

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