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Email Reporting

VDP Web captures detailed information about every email action a prospect takes in real-time. Track the performance of your email marketing campaign at a glance with the easy to read dashboard. From basic data such as open and click-through rates to unsubscribes and hard & soft bounces, our dashboards & drill-down reporting gives access to a quick snapshot or deep understanding of the response data. Page visits, link clicks, opt-ins and survey participation are only a click away.

Warnings & Alerts

Key Features of VDP Web Integrated Email Reporting

  • Comprehensive mail marketing dashboard
  • Detailed open, click, and unsubscribe reports
  • Real time response metrics by prospect
  • Social media forwards and shares
  • Integrated PURL, email, landing page, SMS, QR Code, 800# tracking
  • Track email separately by campaign
  • Compare results from all your email marketing campaigns
  • Manage bounced email addresses

VDP Web provides real-time warnings and alerts about data quality and key metrics such as unsubscribes and hard bounce rates. Measure Social Media Impact

VDP Web real-time reporting makes it easy to drill down to the individual subscriber level and see a history of exactly what the prospect has done not only with email, but also other cross media channels such as PURLs and landing pages in one location.

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