Integrated Marketing Surveys

Powerful Surveys Included With Every Plan

Develop individualized personas on your prospects and customers by determining preferences, needs, and requirements with VDP Web's integrated survey functionality. Improve business intelligence and make better decisions with critical data gathered in a two-way conversation with clients. Utilize this data collection capability without adding another program to manage or software to learn.

Use surveys for:

  • Opt-ins for information or newsletters
  • Not-for-Profit data collection & fundraising
  • Customer feedback
  • Market research
  • Product feedback
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Event registration

Survey Creation

VDP Web makes it easy to create surveys, edit questions and format the look & feel of your online survey to match your campaign using CSS or built-in formatting.

  • Easily create surveys in minutes with our intuitive web-based tool that requires no coding or programming knowledge
  • Select from multiple question types (select one, select many, free entry, or fixed entry with dates, dollar amounts, etc.)
  • Automatically style answers in multiple columns
  • Store different data in the database differently than you display to the respondent by using a simple pipe delimiter (I want all four colors | all)
  • Add custom styling and insert the survey into any landing page in any layout
  • Copy and paste questions from word or email messages

Easily Control Input and Responses

  • Specify the maximum number of responses per individual
  • Set an expiration date for responses
  • Require an offer code of password to take the survey
  • Allow infinite responses per IP address for computer labs and kiosks

Automated Response Mechanism

Each respondent to a survey can automatically receive an instant email confirmation. The reply can include links to hidden content such as a case study or variable images. Use VDP Web for serving coupons at no additional cost.

Learn more about web coupon delivery


Survey data is integrated into the reporting dashboard and shows both summary and detailed responses.

  • Track the performance of your survey campaign at a glance at the campaign dashboard
  • Dive deep into individual responses to view details of a particular respondent
  • Read the comments of open ended questions on a recipient by recipient basis
  • Easily export data to .csv manually or via API to any CRM or database

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