PURL Landing Page Design

Create your own, use our wizard, or let us design it for you.

Easily Create Your Own Content

Anyone can learn to edit content on their landing page website using our familiar, word processing style WYSIWYG editing tools. Our web-based editor is very easy to use. It lets you edit text, add images, link to media, create links, and more without knowing how to program. Advanced HTML code can be written in the system or can be cut and paste from any program.

No Workflows or Restrictive Templates

Marketers demand to have a certain fit and feel with all the functionality that is available on the internet. VDP Web allows any web content to be incorporated into your landing pages to meet those requirements.

Advanced Design & Functionality

Cut and paste both CSS and page code directly from any software program such as Dreamweaver or Quark Express. Code view gives advanced editors direct access to the HTML. Just click on the link to switch between visual editing and code view and include all the advanced web features desired including video links, click to talk & chat, and more.

Content Wizards

Not familiar with HTML? Fully editable content wizards create the code and a cascading style sheet (CSS) automatically. Easily make changes inside VDP Web without HTML experience.

Custom Campaign Design Expertise

Our specialists can create a custom landing page or micro site design based on your exact requirements. Increase your click-thru, revenue and ROI with landing page design based on tested and proven marketing principles, all in just five business days.

Full Service HTML Coding Support

With VDP Web, you are never alone, regardless of the plan chosen. Our experts can code fixed designs into HTML for the landing page starting at only $375 for Enterprise and Premium accounts. In just a few business days, we will take your design, turn it into standards compliant XHTML/CSS code, and upload it to the system for you. Be confident no deadline or requirement will catch your firm or department off guard. Turnaround times are 5 business days or less guaranteed and rush jobs are available.

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