Data Management & API Services

Easily import & export data, or access our easy API

Automated Import & Export of Data

VDP Web's powerful framework allows for virtually any configuration of data imports and exports. Data streams can be created to transform data from virtually any schema (column layout) to virtually any schema. Data imports and exports can also be scheduled or executed on demand via a web or application interface with or without encryption.

Data Hygiene, Formatting & Duplicates

Tools to standardize data are available as part of the VDP Web customized interface. This eliminates the need for complex data work to occur prior to importing information into the PURL system. Our Self Service system includes:

  • Case Changes (changing "JOHN Q SAMPLE" to "John Q Sample")
  • Split names from a single field into component parts
  • Exact and fuzzy duplicate matching
  • Phone number format standardizing
  • Set all to lower case changing ("" to "")
  • Setting Cap First to each word (john sample to John Sample)

Granular control when you need it

For situations where mapping column headers or performing specialized formating is required, VDP Web's flexible interface allows for granular control.

Full Integration into your Workflow

Get access to the application and build it into your workflow with our industry leading API. Automatically query and import data from VDP Web into virtually any system from CRMs to print fulfillment platforms. Not sure how to make this happen? Contact VDP Web and let us create a system specific to your needs for less than you would thought possible.

Custom Data Solutions

Need to acquire a new prospect file or have a house list that is a complete mess? No problem! We can help.

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