Personal URLs – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about online PURL marketing

How does the VDP Web Software as a Service (SaaS) work?

It's easy. Create an online account, decide how many Personalized URLs and emails your campaign(s) will need over time, and follow the step by step instructions to create and execute your cross media marketing campaign. Toll free support is only a phone call away for Enterprise and Premium accounts.

What kind of commitment is required?

None. Zero. Nada. Zip. There are never any setup fees and no contracts are required for VDP Web Basic, Reseller, and Enterprise accounts. You pay by the month and you can add PURL and email credits to your account at any time.

How long are landing pages hosted?

Landing pages are hosted as long as you keep an account active with VDP Web.

How long are the PURLs active?

Personal URLs are active for 3 months from the point they are assigned to a prospect. You have the option to extend your PURLs at any time.

I already have a website, why do I need a landing page for my PURLs?

VDP Web will assign, or you can chose, a domain name for your landing page. Landing pages are hosted on our servers so that you do not need to change any website configurations on your current site and so that our powerful reporting tools can collect visit data. If desired, VDP Web can pass vistors through to any website or landing page and collect the PUTL visit data. The default format for your PURL will be: and or you can chose your own.

Can I use my own domain for the Landing Page?

Absolutely. When you create a new campaign we will assign you a unique domain, in the format of "" so that you can have immediate access to your landing page and personalized URL. You can then assign any domains that you own for your landing page or you can use a DNS record to point to the landing page. A dedicated website would look like or a DNS site would be Any PURL format can be accommodated.

Why do you format the PURL with the prospect’s PURL name last?

With VDP Web, you can use any PURL format you like. However, we know that 15% of respondents will truncate the PURL and exclude their name. By putting the name at the end of the personal URL the prospect still sees the offer the campaign is promoting rather than sending them to the sender's main landing page. Additionally, the wildcard DNS record required for other formats can cause conflicts with security and email settings in many systems.

Can landing pages include special features such as video?

Absolutely. You can add any feature that is usually available in HTML. Flash, video links to pay or free sites, and more can all be part of your landing pages.

What does phone support include?

Enterprise and Premium accounts enjoy toll free phone support as part of their account. This service is not intended to serve as a marketing consultancy or a training resource for HTML, CSS or general web development. Assistance with marketing and web development is available from the marketing experts at VDP Web on a fee basis.

Can my clients access the content creation or just reporting directly?

Reseller, Enterprise and Premium customers can setup as many client companies and sub-accounts as required. Each user’s access can be controlled at a very granular level and limited to just the functionality they require.

How do I order Custom Content Wizards or Additional Services?

Contact us to order a new Content Wizard or upload your file(s) for full service data or design help. For API access please call or email one of our campaign specialists here.

What about email?

VDP Web includes an optional integrated email module that can handle robust enterprise level email marketing campaigns. From newsletters to complicated matrix marketing programs, the system is ready to support you.

What are "PURL Credits?"

One PURL Credit creates a unique personalized URL for one prospect. PURL Credits may be purchased in bulk for use with multiple campaigns and clients. They remain useable for a period of one year from their purchase date, allowing you to budget ahead and buy in larger quantities for volume discounts. Each PURL Credit is valid for 90 days from the time it is associated with a prospect in our system. If a prospect is being targeted by more than one campaign, they will need to be assigned a PURL for each campaign.

What are "Landing Page Credits?"

For campaigns where no Personalized URLs are assigned to prospects, landing pages are available. Landing pages, also called generic URLs (GURLs) or Constant URLs (CURLs) allow prospects to access your content, surveys and opt-ins from a standard domain name. GURLs are perfect for broadcast media, such as television & radio and also as a reliable tracking mechanism and data collection point for paid search placement.

A Landing Page Credit allows you to create a single GURL campaign. The landing page will remain active as long as you keep your account or until you choose to disable it.

What are "Do it For Me: List Append Credits?"

Each credit provides for the VDP Web support team to upload and map the contents of one data file to the system. Data can be emailed in .csv, .xls, .txt and many other formats for insertion to the system. Please note that these credits do not include merge/purge, de-duping, or list combination data services. Our support team will quote these tasks on a case by case basis.

What are "Do it For Me: HTML Coding Credits?"

Each credit is good for creating one page of XHTLM/CSS landing page code from your design that is provided to us as a .psd, .ai, .pdf file layout. The size of the layout must be proportional to the size you wish the landing page to be. This layout needs to contain all graphics, background images & photos, as well as samples of the preferred size and colors of headers, paragraphs, and the footer text. Remember that we can only use web safe fonts for text. For many older web browsers, unique fonts will need to placed in the site as images.

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