Marketing & Sales Alerts

Real-time email notifications from any channel

Visit Alerts by Email

Make sure that no warm lead is left waiting. Visits to PURL landing pages automatically generate an alert that can be sent to any email address to initiate follow up sales activities. With alerts you can:

  • Notify a warehouse or fulfillment center to mail a follow up package
  • Alert a call center to conduct outbound calls
  • Inform sales staff that a prospect has visited their page and needs a touch

Survey Alerts by Email

When a prospects takes the call to action, your sales and fulfillment will know immediately without waiting for exports, downloads, or reports. Email alerts are sent immediately.

Mobile Access

Even on the road, sales people and business owners can have immediate access to sales lead information. Mobile devices can receive the email alerts so you are never away from sales alerts, no matter where you roam.

Data Export

As with all VDP Web reporting and analytics, detailed visit information can be exported in a variety of ways.

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