Integrated Survey Functionality

Easily start cost-effective conversations & gather information

Start a two-way conversation

Create and edit survey questions with easy to use and intuitive forms – no programming is required. Use surveys to:

  • Collect customer feedback
  • Manage customer profiles
  • Develop client personas
  • Organize and register participants for events
  • Schedule appointments and send automatic reminders
  • Conduct market research & product planning
  • Execute event surveys & employee questionnaires
  • And much, much more…

Instant Survey Alerts

Every time a prospect or client responds to a survey, an alert will be sent in real-time to sales, fulfillment, marketing or any combination or recipients. Provide instant notifications so that the prospect can receive immediate attention.

Integrated Analytics & Reporting

Survey Response

By using the VDP Web cross media suite for conducting surveys, all client data is located in one dashboard. Use this information to:

  • Segment respondents into groups
  • Create profiles and individual personas
  • Track response rates and interest levels
  • Coordinate marketing channels

Data Export

The information that is collected from each survey can be exported to a .csv file in the application or the programming experts at JFM can provide API access to virtually any database for automatic transfer of information.

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