Getting Started with Personalized URLs

PURL advice from the industry experts

Leverage Your Current Direct Marketing Efforts & Improve Response

More than three quarters of all marketing spend is made in traditional media channels. When using direct mail and email to communicate to your customers, it is possible to improve response rates and follow the conversation by using Personalized URLs (PURLs). The most powerful use of a PURL is to track who visited a web page but did not respond, thus generating a warm lead list of prospects for follow up. In order to launch you own personal URL campaigns, follow these simple steps.

Develop Personas

Data Segmentation Personal URLs

Personalization is more than just saying “Hello John.” A persona is the shared characteristics of a segment of the target audience. This can be as simple as diving a consumer list divided into male and female or as complicated as breaking down a business to business customer list into segments by revenue, location, number of employees, SIC code, credit rating and buying history. A sample segmentation for a cruise line might look like this.

Create Business Logic

The business logic for a variable data campaign can be created in a spreadsheet. A simple spreadsheet is all it takes to create robust variable data personal URL campaigns that capture attention and improve response rates.

Tailor the Message

The exact same item can be targeted to different groups by changing the copy, art, and offers included in the direct marketing piece. For each segment create a tailored message that speaks directly to them, with art and graphics that match their interests and needs.

Track & Measure the Dialogue

For every 1 person that responds to a direct marketing communication, 4 to 7 investigate the offer on line. PURLs identify those visitors by name and provide them personalized content throughout their experience with your brand.

Better Response, Better ROI

Content personalized with targeted art, copy, graphics and a PURL as a tracking mechanism dramatically increase the effectiveness of direct marketing efforts and document return on a ad by ad basis.

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