Personalized URLs Features

Instant Access. No Licenses. No Contracts. No Risk.

Not all Personal URLs are Created Equal

Compare VDP Web to any software at any price to see why it is the best value in integrated marketing. With no large upfront costs or long term contracts, you can pay as you go. There is no risk to try cross media marketing and see how your campaigns can benefit from personalized URLs (PURLs), email, and more. From "do-it-yourself" to "do it for me" and everywhere in between, VDP Web can offer as much or as little support as you need with reasonable prices and guaranteed 5 day turnaround on coding.

Instant Access & Campaign Launch For PURL & Email Campaigns

Just click the get started now link, create an account and you are ready to start your campaign. It only takes a few minutes to get set-up on VDP Web for both personal URL and email campaigns with the industry's best marketing interface. Sign up now!

Complete Email Integration

VDP Web incorporates the easiest to use email marketing platform ever developed. The intuitive user interface makes sending email campaigns, with or without personal URLs, quick and painless. Avoid data silos and manage only one software program. Interactive graphics display how many emails were delivered, how many people opened the email, who unsubscribed and more. Open and click through tracking measure how many recipients are engaging in the marketing campaign and what links are most popular.

Easy-To-Use Tools & HTML Code Access

Anyone can learn to edit content on their landing pages using our familiar, word-processing-style WYSIWYG editing tools. The web-based editor is very easy to use. It lets users edit text, add images, link to media, and more through simple-to-use tools. Code view gives advanced editors direct access to the HTML. Just click on the link to switch between visual editing and code view and include all the web features desired including video links, click to talk, and more.

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Conditional Content with Advanced Javascript, JQuery Support, Flash & Outlook

Create unlimited conditional content without the use of workflows!

Use advanced Java Script, JQuery & Flash in landing pages to create draggable, droppable, sortable, selectable, and resizeable content. Create unlimited conditional content without the use of workflows. Sync alerts to Outlook or other calendars.

Common Sense Data Management

Easily import & export data. VDP Web's powerful framework allows for virtually any configuration of data imports and exports. Data streams can be created to transform data from any schema (column layout). Tools to standardize input files are available as part of the VDP Web customized interface. This eliminates the need for complex data work to occur prior to importing information into the PURL system. For situations where mapping column headers or performing specialized formatting is required, VDP Web's flexible interface allows for granular control when you need it.

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Detailed Reporting & Analytics

VDP Web captures detailed information about every visitor to the site. Page visits, link clicks, and survey responses are recorded using the visitor’s PURL (personalized URL), a unique cookie, and the session identifiers which separate the different occasions where the prospect visits.

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