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A Better White-Label Platform

Reseller White Labeling

Our architects have updated the whole system to a modern, clean design that incorporates large, crisp fonts. We’ve eliminated unnecessary content and design elements. The new interface makes a fantastic impression on users and keeps our resellers looking good.

  • Easily upload and white label with your logo
  • Choose a primary and secondary exact color
  • Select between multiple layout styles
  • Select rounded or square corners
  • Use a vanity domain for client access

See White Label Screen Shots

No Additional Charge for White Label

Enterprise and Premium accounts can white label the solution at no additional charge with a simple to use form. The system allows for a vanity URL, custom logo, custom links, phone contacts, colors, and even an additional tab to be added to the application.

Cross Media for your clients

Unlimited Campaigns

VDP Web was built from the ground up for resellers. Users can create an unlimited number of sub-accounts, rebrand the interface and set their own pricing. VDP Web has all of the features resellers need to build and manage multiple cross media marketing campaigns with personalized URLs (PURLs), personalized landing pages, email, video, SMS text and unique phone number tracking with fully integrated reporting. Everything is completely white labeled for Enterprise and Premium clients at no additional charge, so clients always have your brand at top of mind.

Unlimited Client Accounts & Campaigns

Reseller, Enterprise, and Premium accounts can easily setup an unlimited number of clients as sub-accounts. Permissions-based access allows for complete control. Sub-accounts can be given access only to reporting or they can setup and manage their content, campaigns and prospect lists.

Granular System Control

Each user granted access to the system can be granted very specific privileges. There are more than 10 detailed selections to assure that only the correct personnel are allowed to view reporting and create or modify content. Limit access on a case -by-case basis at both the global and sub account level on a user-by-user basis.

Some examples include:

  • For Sales: Reporting only
  • For IT: Data management only
  • For Web: Content creation only
  • For Marketing: Email creation only

Easy Enterprise Security that You Can Customize

VDP Web has the best security protections in the industry. Reseller, Enterprise and Premium accounts can choose their default security settings and also choose custom settings for each client. This keeps resellers from frustrating those that don’t need the extra security while accommodating financial, medical and insurance clients with more exacting requirements.

Protect logins from hacking and unauthorized access:

  • Can use traditional, no-hassle email/password login access
  • Optionally activate email confirmations for logins from unknown locations
  • Optionally protect accounts by restricting login access to known company locations
  • White list IP addresses for instant access
  • Dual authentication

Automatic security notifications:

  • Branded, white-labeled and professional security notifications
  • Automatically notify users when an incorrect password is entered
  • Automatically protect accounts after 5 failed login attempts
  • Notify users when a password, security question or account information is changed

Granular control on individual user permissions:

  • Control system access to creative, data and reporting
  • Limit specific users to reporting relevant to their role
  • Limit sales reps to data only from their region
  • Allow managers overview access to see all data and reports

API Access

Get access to the application and build it into your workflow with our industry leading API. Automatically query and import data from VDP Web into virtually any system from CRMs to print fulfillment platforms. Not sure how to make this happen? Contact VDP Web and let us create a system specific to your needs for less than you would have thought possible.

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