Mobile Landing Pages and Websites

Leverage VDP Web Mobile CMS to Serve Variable Content on Devices

Any mobile device and operating system – no "App" required

With VDP Web you can design, create and deploy static, interactive and social media enabled landing pages to support specific marketing campaigns or to request and capture information from website visitors. The mobile web is one of the most effective ways to present timely information to users on the go. Few business people or consumers go anywhere without their web-enabled cell phone. VDP Web can serve HTML landing pages to Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, or any other operating system.

Why Mobile?

There are billions of mobile devices in use worldwide and the mobile web is growing four times faster than the traditional internet. As of late 2010, greater than 15% of media consumption takes place on mobile devices. There are currently more than 5,000 different handsets and tablets that can access the mobile web and that number is growing daily.

Mobile is a powerful sales and production tool. Most handsets sold are now internet capable and tablet devices are seeing a dramatic increase in popularity with more selections coming daily. Drive customers to mobile landing pages via a web address or QR Code and start a meaningful dialogue on the customer's medium of choice.

Enterprise Level Capability

From enterprise level complexity for delivering secure content to mobile workforces to consumer links for daily offers, VDP Web provides the robust functionality required for any sales or production process.

Give mobile visitors a way to quickly access key information and links. Mobile content is best for reference information they need on the go – phone numbers, email, event schedules or directions.

Advantages of Mobile Landing Pages over Apps

  • One development process for all devices and operating systems
  • Decreased development and ongoing maintenance costs
  • Faster time to market / implementation
  • OEM (app store) approval not required
  • No TOS (terms of service) changes will effect application
  • No revenue sharing or usage costs to wireless carriers or equipment OEMs
  • Build it yourself, no special knowledge required (or have the experts VDP Web build it for you!)
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