VDP Web Email Features

Send your first email campaign in minutes

VDP Web has all the features you need in an enterprise level email campaign manager with none of the complexity associated with other systems. Robust variable content, including images and PURLs are seamlessly integrated, making advanced email marketing accessible to any size organization.

Easy Email Campaign Creation

VDP Web makes creating sophisticated, automated one-to-one email campaigns easy.

  • Get started quickly. Send emails with a simple step-by-step wizard
  • No email marketing or design experience required
  • WYSIWYG "What you see is what you get" HTML email editor
  • Full HTML code view
  • Custom Email Design Flexibility
  • Full screen Editor and Preview panes
  • Save your email content for editing and re-use
  • Incorporate fields like name or company into your contact list, then into the header and email body for personalization
  • Define what appears in subject line and "From" fields with reusable sender profiles
  • Use any database filed or custom fields for personalization with dynamic merge fields
  • Integrated Spell Check
  • Trackable web links
  • Auto-reply emails
  • Integrated image library
  • Auto generation of text-only versions

Powerful Contact Management

Manage your prospects and clients from a centralized portal across all marketing channels.

  • Fully segment contacts for dynamic content delivery
  • Import prospects manually from any program via .csv or use the API to fully automated data transfers
  • Quickly find and manage contacts by filtering and sorting contact lists
  • Automatic field matching of common contact attributes
  • Manual and Automatic Contact list export
  • Combine and send to multiple mailing lists
  • Custom contact attributes & data fields
  • Grow and manage email lists with optins and landing pages
  • Customizable Sign Up Forms
  • Form submission notification email
  • Double opt-in email
  • Automated Subscribe & Unsubscribe Management

Manage and Increase Email Contacts

VDP Web PURLs and Landing Pages provide a powerful platform to make opt-ins easy and efficient for use on all marketing channels. Proactively grow your email marketing list without changing your marketing strategy, mix, content, or design.

  • Import your existing lists and coordinate with VDP Web PURLs and Landing Pages
  • Create sign-up and opt-in forms
  • Automatically manage unsubscribes
  • Easily export files manually or create a secure API to any CRM – even legacy systems

Testing, Pre-Flight & Scheduling

VDP Web Email allows for robust inline testing and scheduling that is intuitive.

  • Live views of actual merged data in a preview pane
  • Send test emails to check spelling, links, and format
  • See actual emails in a real time preview without having to send a test email
  • Schedule your campaign to go out right away, or at a future time and date
  • Plan a whole year of campaigns in advance
  • Select time zone on a per user level

Integrated Campaign Reporting

VDP Web offers a fully integrated reporting dashboard for email, PURLs, SMS Text, Phone Tracking, and more

  • Measure results in real time and instantly access account data 24 / 7 / 365
  • Track bounces, open rates, click-through total and percentage, forwards and more
  • Find unsubscribes by total, percentage and individual record
  • Review emails received and opened, hard and soft bounces by total and individual record
  • Track links clicked – unique and total clicked & by recipient
  • Contact and mailing list statistics
  • Review previous email campaign activity
  • Comparative statistics
  • Order customer reports
  • Track subscribes, hard or soft bounces, ands unsubscribes
  • Export reports manually to .csv or via API to any CRM including encryption if necessary

Designed for Reseller Integration

  • US Based Phone Support
  • Easy to use "send on behalf" functionality
  • Manage multiple accounts with sub-accounts
  • Easily incorporate branded email platform into your product line
  • Purchase credits at wholesale reseller rates
  • Create multiple client and/or product accounts
  • Permissions based client set up allows for different levels of system access (Access Restrictions)
  • Permissions based user restrictions by individual
  • Multiple Account List Sharing
  • Multiple Account Template Sharing
  • By user time zone selection


VDP Web offers the best deliverability platform available today. VDP Web helps assure that email campaigns reach the inboxes of their recipients. The system offers the highest deliverability rates in the industry.

  • Managed ISP Relationships
  • Dedicated Deliverability Team
  • Whitelist Agreements with all Major ISP's
  • Spam Act Compliance
  • Spam Compliant Systems
  • Support for SPF, Sender ID, and Domain Keys is built-in. Feedback loops with major ISPs allows for deliverability and reputation monitoring
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