Integrated Email Marketing

Easy & Effective Cross Media with PURLs

VDP Web incorporates the easiest to use email marketing platform ever developed. The intuitive user interface makes sending email campaigns, with or without personal URLs, quick and painless. Avoid data silos and manage only one program. VDP Web provides a cloud-based email that lowers the cost and complexity of maintaining custom email systems and provides reliable delivery, scalability and real-time analytics. Send high-volume email with ease – to millions of addresses at one time or grow a contact database one user at a time with easy landing page opt-ins.

Why Combine PURLs with Email?

Track & maximize marketing returns by combining proven VDP Web Personalized URLs with every email sent. Continue tracking after the open and click-through. Engage customers on a one-to-one basis throughout the web experience and consolidate reporting to avoid costly and inconvenient data silos.

Integrated PURL Email Uses

  • Newsletters
  • Special announcements
  • Event marketing
  • Referral requests
  • Surveys and opt-in forms
  • Special offers
  • Routine communications
  • Holiday messages

With VDP Web you can track and manage mailings and other marketing channels using the fully integrated and intuitive dashboard. Measure the success of each email sent by viewing both summary data on the list and by individual responder.

Survey Integration

Surveys are directly integrated with every VDP Web account so that marketers can easily create survey forms and invite email recipients to visit a personalized landing page to start a two way conversation. Create professional surveys with a simple fill in the blank editor to build stronger customer relationships by engaging with your customers one to one.

Reliable Delivery

Email Reporting

VDP Web uses state of the art technology and trusted industry partners to assure that email delivery is world class. Its white-listed servers constantly maintain the highest ratings of both Internet Service Providers and Listing Agencies. Be confident that each mail is sent with the best delivery rates available at any price. Authentication, relationships with ISPs and more ensure your emails are delivered.

Complete Reporting & Analytics

VDP Web cross media marketing email includes robust reporting that is clear and concise. See everything you need to know about your outbound email both in summary form and on a prospect-by-prospect basis. Easily click through to each respondent to see web metrics, landing page and survey data without having to change systems.

VDP Web makes Email Marketing Fast & Efficient

Everything you need to create, launch, and track email campaigns is fully integrated with PURLs, campaign specific landing pages, and reporting.

Email Sender Profile

Step 1: Setup a Sender Profile

Sender profiles describe the sender of an email message. Store one or more profiles for quick reuse in email campaigns.

Create Email Content

Step 2: Create Content

Our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor is easy to use and also allows for direct HTML coding. Easily import code from any source with a simple cut and paste.

Email Data Upload

Step 3: Create Lists

Lists allow you to organize email contacts. Members are tracked using either their email address or their Prospect Id from the PURL system.

Email Contacts

Step 4: Send

Be ready to send your first email campaign in minutes. Once you've created a sender profile, content, and uploaded your contact list, you're ready to send. You may send immediately or schedule for a future drop. Live merge lets you check your file.

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