Designing for Mobile Devices

Using landing pages on iPhone, Android & more

With VDP Web, easily create content for both standard landing pages and mobile-optimized sites. Users can build, manage and track engaging mobile websites and targeted landing pages specifically intended for mobile devices that can be accessed from a link, QR code campaign, or by manually typing the address. VDP Web can automatically detect the browser and device type in use and chose to show special mobile-only content or make a CSS change.

VDP Web mobile landing pages can be accessed through any web-enabled smartphone device or tablet PC running on any operating system. Pages are fully hosted and format to fit not only all smartphone web browsers, but also tablets and even desktop computers. Page design options include images, video embedding, social media sharing, button styles, social links, vCards, opt-in forms, SMS Text, wallpapers, galleries and much more.

Mobile Web Reporting & Analytics

VDP Web mobile landing pages maintain all the robust reporting and analytics that are available to desktop and laptop pages. Use PURLs, email, web links or any other channel to drive traffic to your mobile landing pages to be sure your critical content is available to customers on mobile devices.

Mobile Landing Page Design

Mobile Landing Page Campaign

There is a wide variety of operating systems and screen sizes in the web-enabled and smart phones commonly in use. The format and type of content created needs to take this fact into account. Some mobile browsers are able to expand and pan, but many cannot. A few specific suggestions include:

  • Keep the design simple and bold for easy viewing and navigation
  • Avoid using large images and adding content to th¬e page which requires significant bandwidth
  • Use basic elements like "div" tags and unordered lists with minimal styling to create menus and buttons instead of images. By simply adding a background color, a border and making internal tags display as block elements your navigation will appear as buttons and stretch nicely across any size mobile screen.
  • Remember that different mobile browsers or QR Code readers will override some site code (such as scaling), so use minimal styling
  • Some QR Code readers, such as Mobile Tag, add a query string onto the URL which can cause issues with some sites
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