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Although the VDP Web personalized URL cross media marketing platform was designed for data collection, it can be a powerful ecommerce, payments, and donation tool for organizations of all sizes.

There are a variety of options for using your landing pages to collect payments or donations.

Third Party SaaS Applications

PayPal and other payment processing websites can be used to collect payments and donations with links or frames. VDP Web can even pass query strings to populated data in third-party forms.

Direct Connection

VDP Web can access any third party payment provider using client supplied credentials. Information can be passed via a secure connection to any credit card authorizer with web access.

Safety and Security

Beware of any solution that offers to store credit card numbers on your behalf! No amount of https:// or secure logins will protect credit card data or exempt any party from the PCI Security Standards that are required by credit card providers.

  • Data collected is kept private and confidential
  • VDP Web never stores credit card numbers on its servers or in its databases, relying instead on the card processor
  • We have a state of the art security infrastructure to make sure the data we collect is safe
  • VDP Web maintains rigorous data center policies to assure maximum up-time
  • VDP Web supports an enhanced SSL encryption package to protect your pages during transmission

Custom Multi-Payee Access

Enterprise and Premium level clients can tap JFM Concepts expertise to develop custom created portals that can use one site to create multiple payments to multiple payees on a variety of payment processors. Using "Open Order XML", JFM can create virtually any payment schema so that any one group can make sales for any other.


An airline frequent flyer program wishes to sell memberships to a hotel travel card that requires a payment to be collected and distributed to the hotel card operator. Open order XML can process the order and credit card payment securely, without storing credit card data, and post the transaction to the final site without manual intervention. The same site and process can be used for dozens of different vendors. To learn more about payment processing and donations, contact us.

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