Cross Media Marketing Audit

VDP Web offers a cross media marketing audit to existing customers. The audit reviews several key areas that are important to assessing the existing marketing as well as establishing client specific recommendations and strategy for future marketing.

The Cross Media Marketing Audit compares a firm's marketing development strategies against standards that are recommended for establishing a modern, measured direct marketing program.

VDP Web's expert team works directly with your staff to thoroughly examine the existing customer data and marketing programs. Specific recommendations to expand and improve current marketing efforts and reach will be provided in a report.

Building a Successful Marketing Program

Successful direct marketing depends largely on selectively targeting appropriate prospects. An effective program for measuring results and testing new strategies is critical to maximizing return on investment (ROI). The audit will analyze existing prospect selection efforts and map a strategy specific to the circumstances to improve the process.

Existing customer contact data will be reviewed along with available purchase data. Different analysis and data appends will be recommended based on the initial review of the data which can include RFM (recency, frequency and monetary value), segmentation and national database profile appends. Appended and segmented data helps target appropriate sources to acquire lead generation lists for cold direct marketing efforts. Data analysis and appends also help identify appropriate markets that are likely to provide better return on marketing efforts.

The cross media audit also focuses on marketing and materials in print, web, email, and broadcast efforts.

Key Areas Reviewed

  • List acquisition
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Product presentation
  • Offers
  • Design
  • Response tracking
  • Testing

Cross Media Marketing Audit Objectives

  • Analyze existing customer data
  • Review of current direct and social media marketing efforts
  • Development of baseline statistics for marketing efforts
  • Use and effectiveness of current data collection mechanism
  • Avoidance of data silos with data collection strategies
  • Detailed results report
  • Webinar with the marketing team to analyze results and see examples
  • Road map for improvement with low cost implementation strategies


The deliverable of the Cross Media Audit program is to establish a road map of actionable items and a marketing strategy to move the organization forward.

Existing Customer & New Lead Acquisition (List Management)

Recommendations regarding data appends and acquisition of new leads will be accompanied with cost estimates to have the services fulfilled through VDP Web, but the recommendations can be taken to any data vendor or list broker for implementation.

Creative & Distribution Plan

Recommendations regarding marketing will include advice on distribution in different mediums such as direct mail, online marketing (SEO and PPC), broadcast and print publications (as appropriate). The recommendations will be tailored to your organization's budget, branding and sales goals. Specific suggestions on creative and distribution costs will be included.

Social Media Marketing Plan

A social media marketing strategy will also be included in the final report detailing recommended efforts. The report will contain valuable recommendations such as the amount of time to spend in various applications disseminating content, interacting with prospective customers, building brand recognition, flagging potential clients and following up with interested parties to close sales.

Recommendations on Measuring Results & Testing New Strategies

Each section of the audit will detail critical metrics explaining the key items required to track for each channel of your marketing efforts. This ensures that success and improvement can be accurately gauged. Measuring the ongoing results of each effort and testing alternatives is the most critical part of ensuring that marketing programs are constantly improving and produce positive return as soon as possible.


The deliverables for the full audit package are expected to take approximately 4 weeks (subject to client responsiveness in providing needed data and information).

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