Cross Media Marketing Integration

Email, QR Codes, SMS Text, Video & more in one Dashboard

Are you monitoring too many sites and too many dashboards? VDP Web makes it possible to have a central hub for all cross media marketing campaigns that are coordinated through a single web portal. PURL, email, SMS-text, QR codes, landing page and unique phone number data are all integrated in one place to eliminate data silos from various marketing programs. With API connectivity and industry leading marketing support, VDP Web campaigns coordinate all your marketing efforts.

QR Codes

Easily add a static or variable QR Code to your marketing to provide an additional response mechanism for your prospects. Collect lead information in one location. There is no need to have an additional marketing platform or service to add this functionality – VDP Web contains all the tools you need to add robust variable and static QR Codes and tracking to your marketing.

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GURLs / Static Landing Pages

Use static landing pages (also called generic URLs or GURLs) for each and every marketing campaign launched to add robust web tracking to any channel or individual ad. By leveraging VDP Web’s powerful DNS capabilities, independently track response from multiple channels using only one set of content .

Social Media

Use VDP Web as the marketing hub for your social media efforts. By providing web users an opportunity to easily respond to offers without having to navigate through a website, marketers can capture warm leads from viral content. Drive the conversation and leverage the discussion with VDP Web.

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SMS Text Messaging

Short Message Service (SMS) is a communications tool which allows short text messages to be sent to mobile phones. Leverage the data you collect from VDP Web opt-in forms to contact prospects and clients using SMS text messaging, or use SMS Text and static print to generate a warm lead list.

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Unique 800# Tracking

Every campaign can integrate a unique 800 or local phone number to provide valuable insight as to which marketing effort drove response. Each time a call is placed, the VDP Web system will record the relevant data and make it available in the reporting module in real-time. Additionally, phone numbers can then be appended for additional costumer data including psychographic profiles and demographics for both consumers and businesses.

Embedded Video

Easily incorporate video content in virtually any format on any landing page from any hosting source with VDP Web . Feature movies, web casts, infomercials, product demonstrations, sales presentations, video spokespersons, or other visual content on landing pages can be served from a designated server. Smaller files can be loaded directly into the VDP web system.

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