Self Assessment

Take a minute to assess your current marketing

  • I have access to all the information I need for lead generation.
  • I know who visits my web site by name.
  • I have the time to dedicate to project manage another program.
  • I know where web visitors came from.
  • I am 100% certain I know who my best customers are.
  • I am 100% certain I know who my best customers ought to be.
  • I can find more of the customers I am looking for.
  • I stay in contact with my B, C, and D tier customers.
  • I know the last time I touched each customer and prospect.
  • I target different segments with unique art, copy, and offers.
  • I can track who visits my website by name, address, and phone.
  • I get detailed reports and can verify the ROI of my campaigns.
  • I know which version of my advertising delivered the best results.
  • I know which segments responded to which advertisements.

If you answered no to any of these, we can help

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